Unofficial Questions Threads

Hi all,

I think we need to talk about the unofficial questions threads.

The @ForumStaff has had a chat about the unofficial questions threads and come to a conclusion.

While we love allowing everyone to have freedom of speech and to do what they want to on the forums, we also think that the unofficial questions threads take attention away from our official one. I am also guilty of this!

As such, we are allowing you to start them whenever you want. However, they will be closed 48 hours after opening, so that the official questions thread star for the week is still special!

I hope that’s ok!



If anyone is wondering what happens with the existing threads, they are all timed to close in 48 hours, 2020-04-03T15:00:00Z. That gives all of you a little chance to say goodbye to them.


Another rule considering this:

You are allowed to make one thread every 30 days. So after a month you are allowed to open up a new one. This to prevent that people will keep making new ones right after it gets closed. Opening one up earlier will lead into the closing of the thread immediately. We will be keeping track of who made these types of threads.