Unusual RP Character Suggestions

It can be daunting to go out of our comfort zone and try making some unique characters, especially when there are few, if any, to use as a reference from other RPs. Or it can be difficult to think outside the box for some unique character ideas. Don’t let these stop you. A little effort can go along way, especially with this thread here to hopefully spark some ideas!

Here you can suggest any unusual types of characters that people can make, and any of the suggestions on this thread are completely up for grabs and anybody can use them!

Here’s just a few unique/less common ideas to start.

Drag Queen/King
An Intersex character
A gender fluid character
A character who expresses little emotion
A mute character



What do you mean by this?


I’m actually working on a way to make a ‘mute’ character.
She’s not fully going to be mute, but only after a character takes the time to get to know her, she’s not going to say anything. I want to push myself to write more body language and non-verbal communication.


I would say characters which mental illnesses, but there are a fair amount of characters who are mentally challenged. There’s even an RP based on them!


I’ve actually seen a great example of this in Marvel’s Inhumans show. King Blackbolt has to sign because his voice is so powerful it will literally disintegrate people.

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Intersex comes in many forms, but to put it simply, its someone born where their physical attributes do not necessarily correspond with their biological gender. It can be something like someone with XY chromosomes, being externally female. Or in some cases, an individual may have a more ambiguous biology on a sexual basis, internally and/or externally.


Someone who has both male and female genitalia.


Someone who is gender-fluid or sexually fluid? :thinking:
A character who always puts themselves before others (so like taking everyone for granted)

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allow me to be an oldie for a second but
“back in my day” there were a lot of charas with “unusual” or “unique” traits and they just… existed
if that makes sense dkbvhdf

now, jokes about being old aside, i have seen quite a lot of characters with “unusual” traits and made a couple ones myself
if i’m being honest they’re just… like any other character, and their “unusual-ness” didn’t make them stand up too much or anything, which was really neat

i don’t think i’ve seen a drag queen/kind in RPs yet?
but as for the other suggestions

my baby Abdiel from ftd is intersex (and agender)
i had to do a lot of research on how being intersex was treated back in the XVIIIth century, which was interesting
however, since they were raised by Frankenstein’s Creature they did not understand that as being “odd” or anything similar, and they just vibed with it

Valen from Exousía and my first character i every made (for a Harry Potter RP) were both genderfluid!
just like Abdiel, they simply vibed

sdhbvfh ngl this is most of my characters
Stephen (Orphans 3), Alexander (Amor Nervosa), R’lyeh (Star Trek), and Gregory (C0NF3SSl0N) are the ones who had that as a more defining trait, though

Godric (Twins) was mute!
sadly that RP died early on so i didn’t get to rp him as much

and this is only counting my characters kdfjnbkjfgl


Lyonrad :star_struck:

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not necessarily, it can also be as unnoticable as similar levels of testosterone and eostrogen, or in you DNA.

I think it’d be cool to have more deaf characters or characters with noticable sensory issues
but here’s a list of characters I hope to make in the future:

  • Character with tourettes
  • Character with auditory processing disorder
  • Character with visual processing disorder
  • Character with CDC
  • Character that is unable to feel anger
  • Character that is mute (i’m actually writing a book where the MC is mute but that’s irrelevant)
  • Character with trust issues that don’t get magically fixed a day in

Oh, yeah. I was going to mention that. Thanks.

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