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The year is 2103. After a series of brutal civil wars, as well as disastrous changes to the environment, the entire continent of Europe, is in shambles. Due to these wars, and the many diseases plaguing the world, the continent has lost over two billion people. The few who’ve survived aren’t expected to live for very long. People fear that this could be the end, and are feeling like there’s nothing they can do to stop this.

Until now.

The world’s most prominent scientists have figured out a way to give the people of Europe a new chance. Sort of like pressing a “reset-button”.

A selection of people (ages 18-30) are gathered from all around the world. They are then placed in a tiny village called AURORA where they will start living. This village might look like any other village on earth: it has a school, a hospital, a mall, houses, parks, etc. But it’s entirely fake. It was built only to execute this experiment in, and is being watched by the scientists at all times.

The point of the experiment is, for the scientists to see whether or not it would be possible for these test subjects to create some kind of utopia in this village. Meaning, that they create a better society than the one humans have already destroyed. No wars, no death, no climate change - just happy, healthy, and educated parents and children.

That’s right, children. The main focus of this experiment is to make sure that this utopia stays intact. And bringing new humans into this society is the way to do that. This means, that every test subject gets placed with another subject of the opposite sex, in order for them to procreate. of course your characters will be able to not be straight, this is just the way the scientists have set it up, hoping the people will produce children

Each person also gets assigned a group they belong to, that will also tell them what their line of work in the village will be:

* The Carers - teachers, nurses, psychologists, etc.

* The Thinkers - doctors, architects, scientists, etc.

* The Labourers - operatives, lumberers, seamstresses, etc.

* The Courageous - police, firemen, guards, etc.

* The Plentiful - cashiers, cleaners, drivers, etc.

So far this seems pretty straight-forward, right?

Well … it isn’t that easy.

You see, the test subjects don’t know that they’re part of this experiment.

The scientists have wiped their memories of their lives prior to this. Some of them might not even be in the village willingly.

All they know when they arrive in the village is their name, the name of their partner, the name of their home in the village, and the group they belong to.

Will you manage to create the utopia the scientists want you to, and reaffirm the faith in a new, flourishing society?

… Or will you discover what’s really happening to you?


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Map of Aurora & information

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  • You are allowed to make big things happen (like revolutions, festivals, parties, etc.), but PLEASE contact me first to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with my plan for the RP!
  • The whole goal of the pairings is, of course, to have children. But do not make your sex scenes descriptive!!
  • Don’t godmod things without every user involved’s approval.
  • Be active!
  • I might add more rules as we go along …

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Waking up is such a natural thing. So natural, that you rarely think about it at all. You go to sleep, and what feels like seconds later … you wake up. So what does it feel like to wake up, without remembering when or where you went to sleep? The citizens of Aurora felt … peaceful. Rejuvenated, even. They didn’t question a thing, because why would they? For all they knew, this was the first time they ever woke up. And waking up in a village like Aurora wasn’t a bad thing.

The new citizens of the village slowly made their way to the big sign a couple of steps away from the fountain, in a way that felt totally natural. It almost didn’t feel like a conscious choice.

The sign was made of stone, with golden text engraved in it. It was huge – much taller than any one of the newly awakened people standing in front of it.

– The citizens of Aurora shall not be unfaithful to their spouses.

– The citizens of Aurora shall not have any kind of romantic feelings toward their own gender.

– The citizens of Aurora shall not steal from, hurt, or kill one another.

– The citizens of Aurora cannot belong to any other group than the one they are assigned to.

– The citizens of Aurora shall strive to bring up healthy, happy, children who will make sure that Aurora lives on.

If you shall ever break any of these laws, only God can help you.

And so, with these words imprinted in their minds, the citizens of Aurora looked at one another with the same peacefulness they had felt before. Soon, they found one familiar face among them. Their spouses. They couldn’t remember much about them, what they were like, or how they’d met … but something about them made them feel at home ….



Today I woke up surprisingly peaceful and even if I didn’t recognized the place where I woke up, for some reason, it felt like I was supposed to be here. I didn’t remember anything else except that my name is Hannah, I’m a math teacher and I was married to Thomas Emanuel Bauer (which didn’t felt entirely right for some reason). But I didn’t felt any needs to question any of that.

In the center of the village, I saw a big sigh made of stone and walked towards it. ‘The sacred laws of Aurora’ was engraved on it with golden text. I read all of the rules and I don’t know why, but one of them stick to my mind more than others. ‘The citizens of Aurora shall not have any kind of romantic feelings toward their own gender’.

Then I looked around the crowd and spotted a familiar face, it was Thomas. I slowly started walking through the crowd towards him.

@cuteswede - Thomas

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Today I openned my eyes on a rough and cold terrain, which is different from a bed. I thought I must’ve had a drunken night and fell alseep on the floor somewhere, but once I tried to remeber anything about myself I failed. As the darkness that usually stay for a few seconds after I open my eyes faded I was greeted with a group of people as confused as myself. Well at least I’m not alone I thought to myself. I noticed some people who were already up were looking at some statue. It had writing on it that I could see from here so there was no need for me to get up and read it. I read all the rules and, for some reason it seemed as if that was a too small amount of rules. Maybe there’s a law book or something somewhere around here. Eventually I got up and looked around for some clues about my life and who I am. I think of asking a random person just as I notice somebody I recognize. Finally something. I walked up to that person to see if he remebers me. For some reason I know this person, but I can’t remeber their names. All I can think of upon seeing their face is the number 7. Is 7 his lucky number? I don’t know.
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I woke up with a strange feeking. I didn’t know where I was and it felt strange and cold but once I oppened my eyes I got even more confused. A place I don’t recognize, where I recognize nobody and when I dig back in my mind to try and find any fact about myself I don’t even recognise myself. It felt like I was distant from anybody there, I didn’t only feel alone but also lonely, until … There was just one thing, one sight in this whole confusion-indusing town that I slightly recognized. That face, I have seen it before, I must have becuase I know it. Disregarding the big stone engraving and the rules on it, I walked to that woman and looked at her. No doubt, the closer I got the warmer and more familliar I felt. She didn’t notice me yet, so I had to call her by her name. At first I thought I didn’t know her name but something in my head started echoimg. The voice, which is probably just my memory, is saying Rowan over and over again so in a gravely and silent voice I said “Rowan?” hoping that’s her name.


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Dominic woke up with a throbbing headache. Where was he? What was happening? He got up and looked at his surroundings. There were a few people laying on the ground, probably sleeping or… He shook his head to avoid bad thoughts. He saw a few people heading towards a piece of stone with words and sentences in gold. He walked towards it and read the rules of Aurora…? ‘Is that the name of this place?’ he thought.

"If you ever shall break any of these laws, only God can help you."

He shuddered at the thought of what would happen. To distract himself, he walked towards a woman with dark ginger hair and fair skin, which was unusual of him, as he never approached anyone to talk to. He was more of a… loner.

He felt confident walking towards her and thought to himself, ‘I can do this! It’s just talking to someone!’. He straightened his back and put a bright smile on his face. When he got closer, he started shaking and tried to stop it by biting his lip.

“HI!!” he squealed as he saw her. He gulped and hoped she would talk to her.

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I woke up to the rough, damp feeling of grass on my legs. I didn’t remember how I even ended up here, but something in me said that I had to get up and explore. The sun was shining which made me feel happy again. I pushed the thought out of my mind, just putting it off as me relaxing here before I fell asleep from exhaustion. I shielded my eyes and saw that other people were walking around me like normal.
Must of been some hardcore party I chuckled as I realized how I most likely ended up going to a block party last night and didn’t remember. I shrugged my shoulders and walked to the gorgeous sign with a title the same color as gold. The message was very loud and clear. “Hmm, this is nice.” I thought as I looked around the area.

I turned around and saw a handsome man talking to me. I didn’t recognize him.
“What’s up.” I said while giggling.

@elixr Dominic



She woke up to a feeling of complete serenity, with a smile on her face. Elodie took in her surroundings with a contented smile, feeling like this was exactly where she was supposed to be. Elodie moved towards a stone sign, barely registering the movement in her mind. She read the rules, feeling mostly neutral about them all, except for the second one: “The citizens of Aurora shall not have any kind of romantic feelings toward their own gender.” It was a subtle disturbance, one she barely noticed, but still, there was something in her that was bothered by it. It’s nothing, she thought to herself, pushing the thought down.

Elodie looked at the other people gathered around her, her eyes landing on a guy who looked somehow familiar to her, even though she couldn’t remember anything else about him besides his name. Chris, she thought, the name sounding right in her mind. She headed over to him, a slight smile on her face. “Hey, Chris. It’s me, Elodie.” She wasn’t sure why she’d introduced herself to him if they supposedly already knew each other, but it was just what she’d instinctively thought to do. “We’re… married, right?” She asked, slightly uncertain. While she didn’t remember getting married to him, or being proposed to, or even meeting him, at least she was married to a guy who was pretty good-looking.

@Kbail - Chris



Despite the concrete making my back feel uncomfortable, I still felt like I had slept like a baby. I stood up, stretched and cracked my back. The area that I was in looked so peaceful and serene. There was something special about it, especially the water fountain that caught my eye. The water glistened in the sunlight and it made me want to drink and touch it.
For now, the alluring sight of the huge statue in front of me attracted me, so I went over there and squeezed past some people who were crowded around.
A dull, unnatural spaced out feeling occured in my brain as I was reading the message. It felt like I was missing a thought or something.
“Hmm” I scratched my head while thinking about how I even managed to wake up here. I gazed at the crowd of people walking around and wondered about my wife…I had a wife but I couldn’t manage to connect the dots about who she was. Suddenly, I saw a woman walking over to me, she seemed familiar in a strange way. Then it clicked that It was my wife.
Elodie? The name just popped into my head but I realized that it correlated to her.
“Hey, Chris. It’s me, Elodie.” I felt the urge to hug her. For some reason I felt an emptiness inside of me, but this emptiness wasn’t gloomy.
“We’re… married, right?”
“Yes I…yeah we are.” I said while laughing. I knew I felt happy with her but I couldn’t figure out…anything else about her.
“It’s certainly…a nice day.” I said while looking around.


@unsungcheerio Elodie



How weird, she thought. While she felt… right… with Chris, she didn’t feel anything else for him. Not a sense of love or anything like she thought she was supposed to feel. Or perhaps this was how she was supposed to feel, simply right with him. She didn’t know… but it seemed like there were a lot she didn’t know.

“It’s certainly…a nice day,” he said, looking around at his surroundings. Elodie nodded, disappointed that he had resorted to small talk. She thought her husband would know her better than to engage in small talk, but then again, what else was there to talk about? She’d much rather get to know him. “So, Chris, what are you like? What’s… your group? And what do you want to do here?”

@Kbail - Chris



The first thing I asked her was how nice the day was.
I don’t even know what to say how- I thought as I looked around trying to think of what to do- what to ask. She spoke up after nodding.
“So, Chris, what are you like? What’s… your group? And what do you want to do here?”
I looked back down at her while studying her facial expression. She didn’t appear confused, but her questions definitely confused me.
Wait, aren’t we supposed to know that? Then why don’t I remember.
The dull empty feeling from before came back so I just shrugged it off. I did know the answers to the questions though.
“Well…I’m a surgeon so I guess that means that I’m in the thinker group. I like to help people and save lives.” The words just flowed out of my mouth smoothly like water. I started to feel a bit calmer. I knew who i was and i wasn’t going crazy…
“So, I’m going to be honest, my brain is foggy and I feel the urge to ask you the same questions.” I put my hands in my pockets while kind of feeling at ease now.

@unsungcheerio Elodie



“You do?” Her face brightened at that and she gave him a genuine smile. “I’m the same. I’m a doctor, so I’m in the thinker group too.” Knowing that she had this in common with Chris comforted her, reassured her that this was how it was meant to be. “I love to help people, and that’s…” she hesitated. “… that’s why I became a doctor.” Truthfully, she didn’t remember why she became a doctor or even becoming a doctor, but the words felt right, so she ignored the feeling.

“So, I’m going to be honest, my brain is foggy and I feel the urge to ask you the same questions.” She laughed, nodding earnestly at this. “It’s the same for me, I can hardly remember anything.” She gave a bewildered laugh, shaking her head. “I’m glad I’m not the only one. Maybe this is how it’s supposed to be,” she said, her brows furrowed. “As for what I want to do here… I want to help Aurora thrive and I want to help and treat everyone who needs it.” Elodie glanced up at him, a sly look on her face. “As a surgeon… I guess you’ll be my boss then, huh?”

@Kbail - Chris


Dominic heaved a sigh of relief and started talking, “I-I’m Do…Dominic…” or more like stuttering. “Do- Doyouknowwhat’shappeninghere?!” he yelled, attracting everyone’s attention. He just wished to dig a deep hole and bury himself into it.

“S-orry…” he whispered, looking up at her, trying to make eye contact. He took a deep breath and cleared his throat and repeated his sentence, “Do you know… what’s happening here?”. It was really brave for him to talk clearly to someone, face-to-face.

(@Kbail) - Kate Booker


Rowan was met with an unfamiliar area, seemingly a town square, with a beautiful fountain in the middle of it. Her memory up until now was a blur, unsure of how or why she got here, yet she felt some sort of connection to this place. Getting up from the ground, she brushed her hair out of her face, looking around the crowd to spot at least something familiar. But alas, there was nothing she could recognize, though the fountain caught her attention.

While walking to the fountain, she heard someone call her name from the distance. It was strange, yet so familiar. Spotting a man coming towards her, she turned her head to see who it was. It felt like she had seen him before, like they have had some sort of connection, yet it felt unfamiliar. She stayed silent for a bit, trying to recall who that person was, before finally speaking.

“…Owen? I am so glad to see you!”

@LunaticLeviTheSecond - Owen Rose



I smiled as she replied. I walked over her and hugged her. I had to hug her because she is the only person here I recognize and I just had to grab hold of the person here that’s keeping me sane. “I’m also very glad to see you.” After the short embrace I looked around “Where are we I can’t remeber a thing.”


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Sunlight, concrete, trees, buildings … people, a fountain … these were not things that felt foreign to Thomas. However what was foreign, was how blurry everything was. And the place where he was standing. It wasn’t necessarily new to him, but he also didn’t feel like he’d been there before. It was like he was standing in a dream. Like he wasn’t actually there. He swept the dust off his legs and soon felt something in the back pocket of his jeans. A pair of glasses. When he put them on, everything was a lot less blurry, but the situation still wasn’t any less confusing.

But soon enough something or rather someone made him feel a little less puzzled. Hannah made her way through the small crowd of people and up to him. Thomas wasn’t really a hugger, but he did smile as kindly as he could. It was nice to see her.

“Hey” he said, not really knowing the appropriate thing to say next. Maybe she was completely aware of what was going on? Perhaps, it was for the best to not mention anything about his confusion.

@Owertym - Hannah Lee

Ann-Marie rubbed her eyes, trying to make sense of her surroundings. Something felt wrong. Well, not exactly wrong as in that it scared her. She felt completely at peace. But almost frighteningly so. On what felt like very weak legs, she walked up to the big stone sign by the fountain. She made sure to read every part of the text as thoroughly as she could, since it seemed to be of some importance. The laws didn’t seem to be too hard to follow, but something about the last thing on the sign stuck with her. If you shall ever break any of these laws, only God can help you.

She didn’t have the time to keep thinking about that, though, when she noticed Dominic standing just a couple of feet away from her. He seemed to be talking to someone else - a beautiful woman with red hair. An uneasy feeling made its way into her head, and made her heart start beating profusely. Without really thinking about it, Ann-Marie ran up to them and gave Dominic a big hug. This was the only person that felt familiar and safe in this place. This was her Dominic, and she wanted to make sure that everyone could see that.

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Simon was terrified. His heart was beating faster than what he thought could ever be healthy for the human body, he could feel cold sweat pouring down his face and his back, and he felt unable to breathe. Why was everyone around him so calm? Why did he feel like he should be calm? Like there was nothing he could ever be afraid of here? But then why was he so afraid right now? Nothing made sense to him, and that was one of the things that terrified him the most in the whole world. Maybe he was going insane? He cleared his throat and wiped some sweat off his forehead. Simon knew he needed to calm down. He forced himself to take a couple of deep breaths and closed his eyes. He needed to think about something else, something that would make the stress melt away. When he tried to do that, only one thing appeared in his head. A name - Danica. And a blurry image of girl with light skin and short, dark, hair. When he opened his eyes again, he knew he had to find her as soon as possible, and something told him that she would be close by.

“Danica?” he yelled, hoping she’d hear him.

@Yomama - Danica Villin


I looked at Thomas for a while without saying anything, suddenly he smiled at me and without even realizing it, I smiled back. I wasn’t sure what I’m supposed to feel, but looking at him I felt nothing. As far I as know we are married, but I didn’t remember that, or even meeting him until now. But still, I did know his name, Unless I’m wrong and his name isn’t Thomas, So it must mean we do know each other and are indeed married.

I looked around the crowd once again to see how much people are here. Even if I was confused and didn’t actually know what’s going on, I wasn’t about to admit that in front of this big group of people. What would they think of me? So I tried as natural as I could, “Hey Thomas” I said slightly smiling at him.

“This place is nicer in person, don’t you think?” I asked. I didn’t recognized this place, but it felt somehow familiar. Also I did know that we have a house here. So it can only mean one thing… We bought a house and just moved in. Yeah that totally makes sense, I tried to convince myself in my head.

Though I was a little bit nervous, what if he knows exactly what is going on and I’m completely wrong. Or he even is who I think he is. And I was acting so confident that I know what’s going on. I would look stupid in front of the entire town.

@cuteswede - Thomas


Waiting for the woman’s response, a gorgeous girl dashed into Dominic. He couldn’t see her face, but she felt familiar. Beautiful dark skin and straight black hair. She pulled away after a while and had a bright smile on her face.

Dominic soon realised that she was Ann-Marie! The hark-working and brave woman who was married to Dominic. “Marie…” Dominic asked awkwardly, hoping he would be correct. He also glanced at the woman.

“Marie, t-this is…” he tried to introduce but realised that her didn’t ask her name. Now THAT was embarrasing. He let out a nervous laugh which came out as a squeak. “I’m sorry, but I-I didn’t… catch your name.”

(@cuteswede) - Ann-Marie Royce
(@Kbail) - Kate Booker


In person? What could she mean by that? Had they looked at pictures of this place before moving here, or something? Thomas guessed that was plausible. He nodded, pretending to know exactly what she meant.

“Yeah … it’s … cozy” he answered, feeling unable to think of anything else to say. The buildings around them looked very picturesque, maybe even inviting. He assumed that was a good thing. He looked around them trying to find some sort of familiar building. If he and Hannah had somehow researched this place before going here, wouldn’t they have picked out somewhere to actually live, too? Soon enough, Thomas’ gaze stopped at one house he could see in the far off distance. It was a huge house with a metal roof and what seemed to be a big garden. Other than that, he couldn’t see much of it. Nothing about it was appealing to him - it was too big, too gaudy. But still, every bone in his body told him that that was his home. That it was their home. Thomas sighed. Maybe it had been Hannah’s idea to pick that house. He supposed it was.

“Can we go home? This whole thing is giving me a bit of a headache” he asked, hoping his wife wouldn’t mind. Truthfully, he wouldn’t have any problems with walking home by himself, but he supposed he had to at least ask her.

@Owertym - Hannah Lee


Rowan was met with a warm smile, followed by a quick hug from her beloved. Something about Owen felt really foreign, though she couldn’t pinpoint just what. She smiled as she held him tightly, before letting go. He looked around the area, then proceeded to ask a question.

“Where are we I can’t remember a thing”

She paused, not knowing the answer to the question herself. Sighing, she put a hand on her head, trying to recall the events of the day before. A tall sign stood a few steps away, perhaps it had the information they needed. Rowan walked to the sign, looking upwards to read the text written on it. She could notice the name of the city imprinted in gold, as well as a list of rules the citizen should follow.

Aurora, huh? That must be the location!

Most of the rules written on the sign seemed reasonable, though a few were a bit… Restrictive. She decided not to question it, it was all for the best. She’s lived here with those rules for a long time, after all. Taking a deep breath, she turned her head towards Owen once more, addressing him with a confident smile.

“We’re in Aurora, of course! It’s our city!” - her smile slightly fades, feeling a bit uneasy that she forgot such information. She shakes her head, it was probably just in the moment.

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