UW Colleges (High School) Study Abroad

I’m way too old to start this program so I’m sharing this so y’all get the chance I never had :sob:
UW colleges aren’t colleges but high school programs where they have campuses from everywhere. Italy to China to New Mexico, etc. etc. You can apply in your Freshman/Sophmore year of highschool and attend a boarding school in a super cool country. They have amazing academics which are great for college and it’s a good experience for anyone who has nice enough parents to let them go.

It’s commited to diversity so they have a diverse student body. Overall I think it’s a super cool opportunity that underclassment should check out.

@Discussions @Students

  • Do you think you would’ve attended if you could?
  • Are you interested in attending?
  • What are your likes and dislikes about it?
  • Do you think we should have more programs like this that are more accessible and known?

This seems really interesting and it reminds me of those like college programs where you study abroad

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Yeah, except I think you end up graduating from the high school (IB Program). It’s more of a boarding school imho.

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Damn. This would have been an interesting experience.

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Two of the Dutch princesses have done this/will do this upcoming year. It’s honestly mostly an upper class thing. Though, the idea sounds really cool, in theory I would have loved something like this. It’s so interesting at that age to have to be so independent and meet people from so many different cultures…

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^^^ Still agree with this.

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