Watermelon Steak

The first time I’ve know this is when I watched thiw video on Insider:

Then, people started re-creating it. Some loved it, some failed. I haven’t made one myself but I’ve heard it basically tastes like a smoked watermelon.

  • What are your thoughts on this?
  • Do you think it’ll taste good?
  • Do you think it’ll make a great vegan option?

This looks… not good at all, I’m sorry :anguished:
Don’t want to try it

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Agreed though

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I hate watermelon and I hate steak :thinking:

I probably wouldn’t want to eat this

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That looks gross. :face_vomiting: I’d much rather have just steak.

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I think it’s cool
But the idea of eating it disgusts me

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Reee it’s looks good and anyone will think it’s actual steak because it really does look like that to me still, but I won’t eat it though. :woozy_face:

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I…wouldn’t want to eat this

It looks cool and is a funny idea but I don’t like watermelons and I don’t like the taste of smoked food, so it’s probably not for me :sweat_smile:

@Foodies Would you eat a watermelon steak?

No. I don’t like watermelon that much. Especially not grilled…why?