Weather in general

What’s the weather like where you’re from?

In the UK, it’s hot as hell! :fire: :fire: so hot we need :ice_cream:


In Greece it’s the same in Summer and spring and winter kinda cold but man we are burning rn (i luv it tho :rofl:)

If only there was a swimming pool in my garden so I can cool down hehe. I need ice cream later on.

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Kind of cold in ‘straya :wink::sunglasses::black_heart::heart:

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It’s your wintertime there

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I stepped foot outside here in Scotland and immediately broke out sweating.

It’s. So. Hot

Then again I start sweating at like 8 degrees C so


In Minnesota, it’s really never the right temperature. It’s always either way too hot or way too cold. Right now it’s supposed to be 80 degrees F. Not too hot, but still pretty warm.

I think it’s hot outside but I’m on my couch in the Air Conditioning… so I’m under a blanket. :blush:

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Whenever I see degrees measured in Fahrenheit, I have a mini heart attack. You’d die in 80 degrees Celcius!


Samee but i don’t have a garden

You live in a flat?

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no in a house on the first floor, it’s not a house with a garden

I’m about to take a walk… we’ll see how hot it is and if I survive.

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Don’t die

I dont think these numbers are terrible compared to some of you guys but I feel very hot…


That celsius is 20 degrees too hot for me.

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It’s not my fault America wants to be different lol

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i live in california so pretty hot (around 90 degrees). but we recently had a wildfire so we were scheduled for excessive heat warnings and it got to like 105+ degrees but it’s cooler now lol

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Its been like 69-89 degrees celsius here.