Weekly Forum Theme Poll - 02/07/21

Hey guys, I’m doing the theme poll this week~
Sorry it was late but I’m here now so please vote for what theme you’d like!!
And hopefully I didn’t do anything wrong :eyes:

Please pick the three you like best!!
  • Epidemics :sneezing_face:
  • Exams :100:
  • Graphic Design :paintbrush:
  • Hipsters :eyeglasses:
  • Houses :houses:
  • Internet :satellite:
  • Islands :desert_island:
  • Justice :balance_scale:

0 voters

@crazycaliope please tag announcements

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Hey @Announcements, let’s vote for next week’s theme! ^^^

Also, @Discussions, we’ve only had 13 (plus me) of you vote so far!