Weekly Forum Theme Poll - 06/05/21

Hello hello hello welcome back to that time of da week in which we choose the theme yes yes

So so you guys know the drill, choose up to three options for the theme of the week for next week~!
  • Arts & Crafts :jigsaw:
  • Beverages :clinking_glasses:
  • Decorating :ribbon:
  • Emojis :crazy_face:
  • Empires :classical_building:
  • Flowers :blossom::leaves:
  • Graphic Design :art:
  • Hipsters :eyeglasses:

0 voters

@CrazyCaliope tag announcements pls and thank


Hey, hey, @Announcements & @Discussions, here’s the poll for next week’s theme ^^^

Make sure to vote for the one you want!