Weekly forum theme poll 18/03/21 🧚🏻

Hey pals (: it’s time to choose the theme again, vote for your favourites and just stay rad innit

Pick the two options you’d like to see as the theme
  • Books VS Films :film_strip::books:
  • Endangered Species :t_rex:
  • Hair & Makeup :haircut_woman:t4:
  • Jesters & Jokers :clown_face:
  • Unicorns :unicorn:
  • (the) X-Factor :x:
  • Years :calendar:
  • YouTube Videos :video_camera:

0 voters

@moderators announcements?


Hey guys, it’s time to vote for next week’s theme! @Announcements?! ^^^

Also, @Discussions, what do you think? Do only 20 people have an opinion on next week’s theme? (pleading_face)


Closed due to inactivity