Weekly forum theme poll - 24/1/20 ✨

Hello again humans and not humans :wave::smiley_cat::eyes::sparkles:
Just like last week, it’s now time to pick the next…

WEEKLY FORUM THEME :eyes::sparkles::smiley_cat::tada:

So what should our next weekly forum theme be? :smiley_cat::eyes::sparkles:

  • Architecture/landscape :house_with_garden:
  • Gender and society :couple:
  • Roleplays and storygames :performing_arts:
  • Moral debate :innocent::smiling_imp:
  • Technology :calling: :computer:
  • Animals :dog::whale::duck:
  • Sport and hobbies :tennis: :art:
  • Government and politics :man_office_worker: :woman_office_worker:

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Feel free to suggest other forum themes that you would like to see in the next poll :smiley_cat::eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

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Oof tie

As usual I’ll post the tie breaker poll soon

Tagging everyone who voted


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  • Moral Debate
  • Gender and Society

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I can’t picture how hard the playlist would be for Gender and Society but don’t let that put you off, I always think of something :sunglasses:

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New theme soon