Weekly forum theme poll 27/8/20 ✨

Quack! :wave::duck:
It’s time to vote for the next weekly forum theme now :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles::tada:
The weekly theme will influence the topics of the staff created threads during the next week and there will also be some theme memes on the forum’s Instagram page :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:
If you have any other theme suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them in this thread :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::smiley_cat:

So which one of these options should be our next forum theme? :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

  • Goths and Emos :sunglasses:
  • Oxymorons :repeat:
  • Breakups :broken_heart:
  • Healthy Food :green_apple:
  • Therapy :woman_health_worker:
  • Protests :angry:
  • Mimes :clown_face:
  • Exploration :mag:

0 voters


Stop complaining about the amount of globally pinned topics, system :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::expressionless:

This time goths and emos will win, I bet it


@ForumEmos I’m counting on you :eyes:


Count me in :eyes:

New theme soon