Weekly Poll 01/03/2020 - music 🎶

Welcome to the weekly poll :purple_heart:

After winning the last poll battle it’s now my honor to make the weekly poll. I know it lacks creativity but yeah I was kinda in a rush.

I wanted to do it about something that’s special to me and I think many others, music.

What are your favorite music styles?

  • Pop :studio_microphone:
  • Emo :black_heart:
  • Rock :guitar:
  • Dance :control_knobs:
  • Jazz :saxophone:
  • Gospel :musical_score:
  • Country :cowboy_hat_face:
  • Classical :violin:
  • Rap :microphone:
  • Folk :banjo:
  • Kpop :kr:
  • I listen to anything :headphones:
  • I don’t listen to music :no_bell:
  • Other (mention below)

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I know some of the emojis don’t make sense at all :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Feel free to create polls and discuss music related things in this thread :purple_heart:


I like songs from musicals! Not really sure which category I should put them in!


Ohh, that would have been a nice addition to the poll! Why didn’t I think of adding it :eyes:


I need more emos :sob:


Same! :heart_eyes: I actually don’t listen to much music otherwise… I don’t know how to listen to music passively :laughing:


I also like soul music, and Greek music from my mom’s youth. :heart_eyes_cat:



I like every kind of music as long as it doesn’t give me a headache or has too many swear words in it :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:


Japanese city pop, AOR, vaporwave, funk, jazz fusion…

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I really don’t have a favorite music. But the one I listen to most is classical music like joyful joyful we adore thee.

Me too! I feel like that’s what I mostly listen to!

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Does anyone like listening to anime theme songs? There are some of them I really like so I listen to them ALL the time. :lemon:

@sofia @fraud @BlondeGlassesGirl
Hooray! So great to find fellow musicals lovers. Do you have a favorite one?


Hamilton is my absolute favorite, almost to the point where I’m annoying about it. I used to “sing” the full musical with a friend 24/7 and we must have made people gone mad :laughing:

I like lots of musicals and wish I could list them all :sweat:

Of the more classical ones, I guess Les Misérables is my fav :heart_eyes:

How about you? :relaxed:


I really like Hamilton too!

I love Heathers and Be More Chill, they are great and funny too!

When it comes to comedy types of musicals, I have to say A Very Potter Musical and The guy who didn’t like musicals! Basically, Starkid productions are amazing, I still have some to watch.

I need to listen to Les Misérables!

Have you seen any of those? :blush:

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I actually have a thread on these forums about musicals! I’m not sure if you’ve commented on it/seen it!

But ahh, there’s so many I like (I could list them but I’m not sure if you’d be interested lol), it’s hard to choose a favorite! I think my favorite used to be Heathers and I don’t think it’s my favorite anymore but I still really like it! It’s hard to decide though, like I use Spotify and out of the six daily mixes that they’ve made me, three of them are of songs from musicals, lol

What about you? And have you watched any musicals and if so, which ones?

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Also, for picking out songs, is it just musicals that have been performed live or could they also be from movie musicals, tv musicals, and podcast musicals? (Well, there’s only one podcast musical I know of but I really like the music from it lol)

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I love any kind of music.

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I have heard some of the songs from Heathers. A bunch from be more chill because they have come up in my YouTube mix lately. I found them funny and the vocals sounds great :heart_eyes:

I haven’t heard of any of the musicals in your second paragraph but I’ll sure check them out. :wink:

I know some of the newer but I’m not up to date :laughing: (I just assume that they’re newer lol)

What do you think about cheesy musicals like Grease and Hair Spray? :smiley:

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thats what im talking about. best soundtrack ever.
im in grease the musicaly at my school rn

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