Weekly poll ~ 05/04/2020

Hi guys! This is the weekly poll, brought to you by Meghan!

Today, the theme is… Weird and Wacky Foods!

So guys, for today’s poll I want you to pick the two things on the list that sound the most revoltingly disgusting :nauseated_face:.

Here we go!

  • Cucumber and Ketchup :cucumber:
  • Bacon, maple syrup and pancakes :bacon::pancakes:
  • Pineapple Pizza :pizza::pineapple:
  • Salmon and tuna sandwich :sandwich::fish:
  • Pickles and peanut butter :peanut:
  • Broccoli and fried chicken dip :broccoli::chicken:
  • Mayo and fries :fries:
  • Chicken nuggets and marmalade
  • Waffles with garlic, cheese, fresh onions, potatoes, all covered in chocolate ice cream. :garlic::potato::waffle::onion::icecream:
  • Turkey stuffing and honey :turkey:
  • Salty coke :beer:

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(Trust me I barfed in my mouth while making this).


The week is over :eyes::sparkles::green_heart: