Weekly Poll 30/8/2020 - Exploration

Hello again, forum family,

Thanks to everyone who voted on last week’s poll!
It seems most forumers look for to celebrating Christmas each year! (wink)

This week’s poll will be about exploration.
If you were an explorer who could go and explore anywhere, where would you go?

  • Caves
  • Icy/Cold terrains
  • Islands
  • Jungles
  • Mountains
  • Space
  • The desert
  • The ocean
  • Tribal villages
  • Underground
  • Urban civilisaton
  • Everywhere
  • Nowhere
  • Another answer (share below)

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Feel free to create polls and discuss exploration below! (wink)



Need exploration ASAP

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Totally agree.

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The woods too. accidentally finds Slenderman Holy s*it!

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Couldn’t help it

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I’d like to explore every corners and wonders of the world… even the whole of the universe if it was possible. I want to witness beautiful things myself :eyes:

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I’m too lazy to explore anywhere other than in my fridge :eyes::sparkles:

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It seems that the majority of forumers would go everywhere if they were an explorer! (wink)

The next poll can be found here.

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Week is over & next poll has been posted :eyes::sparkles::green_heart: