What Animes do you feel the manga was better?

You see it all the time in comment sections: “The manga was better!1!1!! I can’t believe they left x,y, and z out!” However, in true honesty, whether you enjoy the manga or anime more is truly subjective. So, that’s what we come here with today.

What animes do you feel failed to express what was in the manga well? What do you think the anime could have done to make it on par with the manga or maybe even better?




The fight scenes are better than the manga

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Oh, nice. :eyes: I haven’t read it, but I’ve heard the manga is better than the anime as everyone seems to hate it with every inch of their soul. The first person I heard that from though is Einshine, if anyone remembers him.

I started watching the anime before reading the manga.

Both are good though. I don’t get the hate for SAO

Oh, definately Black Butler.

I haven’t gotten to read a ton of manga (sadly) but I’ve heard people say that Ouran HSHC manga portrayed some things better than the anime and that there were some minor changes! It’s actually made me want to read it (:

Tokyo Ghoul

I think that anime are often a bit streamlined in ways that the manga isn’t, which can be a good thing but usually can change the tone a lot

I don’t have many points for comparison though :joy:

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