What apps do you use when you listen to music?

We all have that app we prefer to listen to music on.
I prefer Spotify. I feel it’s better than everything else out there. There are ads every 30 minutes, I can skip unlimited times (with ads every like 6 or so skips), I can create unlimited playlists, I can listen offline and download music (with Spotify Premium) Like what is there not to love. My second favorite would be YouTube music though. I always get good songs on there. It’s like YouTube personally knows me :sob:

What about you @Music?


You tube and spotify :relieved:

Apple Music and sometimes YouTube

I have Amazon Music HD unlimited which my Mum pays for although we got HD for free for some reason it has quite a lot of music available on it but for the stuff that isn’t available I use YouTube.

Spotify and sometimes YouTube if I want to play a particular part of a song over and over.

Spotify :eyes:

I just use YouTube


Mostly YouTube, because if I’m in the mood to listen to a particular song, I don’t have to play the entire playlist.
I use Spotify for long car rides and my alarm.

For me, it would be Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube.

I have different things on my music playing list both Spotify and pandora. So I can listen to music I like.

Spotify and YouTube for sure. I used to use Pandora, it helped me find good music. I prefer Spotify, though.

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