What are good resources for learning poker?

I used to play poker on some kids’ games website when I was younger and I really liked it but I still have no idea how to play poker. That website showed me exactly what to do next and I didn’t need to read any explanations, so I learned nothing.
Now I’m kinda curious, maybe learning how to play poker would be a good idea to see if I really like that game :smile_cat:

Do you know any good resources for learning poker?
And how did you learn to play poker?


I don’t know how to play poker, even though I’ve seen ads popped up on my phone about downloading poker games. I’ve never really felt motivated to play it anyways.
If I had to learn it, I’ll just search up online and read up on how to play the game.

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lol the bots I deleted from this thread tho

I suppose having someone teach you poker is a good way to learn, I don’t wanna recommend a website for fear of becoming a bot myself

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I actually managed to bullsh*t my way to victory. “Alex, do you want to do such and such?” “Yes.” Just kept saying yes, and I won. My mom did give me paper instructions, though.

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