What are some animes you reccomend?

I am bored, and I want to watch some good animes, but haven’t found a good one! Any that you recommend people?

@AnimeNerds :pleading_face:

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i’m currently watching Psycho-Pass and i’ve liked it a lot!
also SPY x FAMILY and Sk8 The Infinity are some of the ones i’ve watched and enjoyed this year


Me too! I would recommend My hero academia or Komi can’t communicate.


I’ve been thinking about watching Komi Can’t Communicate! maybe I should~
And My Hero acedemia sounds really good

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My Hero Academia
Tokyo Ghoul
Death Note

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jojo’s HEAR ME OUT jojo’s but after part 1 i swear it’s so good :sob::sob:

esp part 3 omfg totally worth your time


Definitely My Hero Acadamia, Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul.

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I disagree. Part 3 is overrated AS HELL (and too long) but I agree, watch Jojo’s. (Parts 2, 4, and 6 are better)

Also… part 1 is fairly decent even if it is boring. The MC in part 1 actually develops as the episodes go by- I recommend reading the Jojo manga as you’re watching or before watching a part

Jojo’s = best anime


I’ve started watching anime so needed this :smirk:


Still #Snk :sob::sob::sob:

damnn I think part 3 has the hype it deserves

or maybe it’s just jotaro 🫶

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Jotaro :pleading_face: I love that mannnn (minus the misogyny of course)

But I think the issue with part 3 is that it’s overrated among the fans, not the general public/anime fans overall. Part 3 fans are incredibly annoying too (and so are part 7 fans but that’s a different and frankly worse story)

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truly!! die hard jotaro fan :pray: def misus the misogyny yes lol

no yeah i agree, but i just loved the vibe tbh
part seven fans… they’re a special breed of awful :smiley:

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That man is everything… he gets better in part 6 tho

Same here. Avdol >>>
Part 7 fans… scare me… especially that whole thing with Lucy Steel and a good chunk of the male characters s3xualizing her…

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I recommend Durarara!!

Angels of Death. Not for the faint of heart.

Jojo part seven and eight are my absolute favorites on the note of Jojo recommendations. Many of the parts before that are very oversaturated, though they have good stories too

Other good animes

  • Land of the Lustrious
  • Future Policeman Urashiman
  • Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • Space Adventure Cobra
  • Lupin the Third
  • Fafner in the Azure
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I’ve heard of this one.

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It’s so funny. There’s a recent movie actually, Lupin III vs Cat’s Eye, and it’s 10/10 would recommend

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How long is the anime? I’m thinking Bungou Stray Dogs next.

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