What are some annoying habits you have when it comes to your skin?

Alright, so I got a few habits that annoy some people. First One would be the fact I like to wash my hands for a very long time. This can annoy people around me but it’s something that I can’t break. I accept the fact I will have dry skin problems because of it. It might be an OCD thing. The second one is that I like to tear my nails when they get too long for my liking. No, I do not mean I bite my nails. I mean I actually tear the white parts of the nail off with my fingertips. Sometimes I will accidentally tear too much off cause pain. I’ve only resorted to biting if it’s a nail that won’t tear no matter what I do with my fingers. That rarely happens to me though. I have a habit to eat slowly on my own terms. This can annoy people who eat with me. I’m a grazer so eating large meals in one go isn’t easy for me to do. I have to be starving like today at work in order for me to eat a whole lot in one sitting. (I worked 8 hours with no break today.)


my slightly tmi habits

So my skin can get very restless and I prefer to remove pimples rather than let them go away on their own so my face is often covered in little wounds.

And my other habit is accidentally reopening the wounds.

My skin is also just dry 365 days a year no matter what I put on there.

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Oof I’m sorry about that. I don’t get pimples much so I’m not accustom to the having the scars. As for the dry skin, I know what you mean I have to keep lotion on me at work so that I can actually clock in/out for work because they use a figure print scanner for clocking in/out. My hands can get really cold or hot which messes with the sensor.

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Uhhh I don’t think I have any…

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Do you have any let peeves? That would be similar to annoying habits.

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Hm… I can’t think of anything rn

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No worries then!

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I tend to pick my skin a LOT. I’m tryna stop but it’s hard

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Whenever I have pimples, I pop them. The good thing is that I don’t get pimples very often anymore, but sometimes they appear a few days before my period.
And… I can’t stand having little hairs on my face and neck, so I’m always touching those little sharp hairs until I’m able to get my tweezers out and eliminate them.


I touch/pick the pimples on my nose Dx

Everything. I was bullied and called Crocman.

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