What are some hairstyling tips?

Have any hairstyling tips? Share them here! They can be general tips or hair-type specific.

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You’ve seen how curly my hair is. I wet it down, then use a little gel or conditioner, whatever I have, and tame it, parting it to the right.

Anyone have any advice on how to get side bangs to behave? I have sidebangs and they do not behave lol.

Maybe try hairspray or some cute hair clips?

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I want to see!

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Go to the salon my hair is perfect now

I feel you, my hair isn’t suited for the emo fringe I so desperately crave
curses my centre parting and the stubbornness that is my hair

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I don’t have any hairstyling tips because I don’t style my hair but I hope some of the @BeautyEssentials can share something! :smile_cat:


Finger-combing for the win.

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Deep conditioning helps for sure. It makes your hair soft, and easier to deal with.

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