What are some of the most disobeyed school rules?

Where I work, it’s usually something related to the uniform, because uniform rules are ridiculous tbh, or:

  • Not turning assignments in on time
  • Eating in class (I don’t care about this one unless it’s messy and smells)
  • Not turning on the camera in virtual mode

What is it at your school, or at the school you used to go to?



Phones in class

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I agree.

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Thru also take dress codes way too far. I saw a girl in my cafeteria that basically had her whole back exposed, and no one payed her attention. Ok, I admit I was distracted, but that’s just me. Oh, I’m in college. My point is, if this flies in college, what’s wrong with shoulders in high school?

No eating or drinking in the classroom.

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Don’t use your phone in class. Yeah, sure.

  • phones
  • eating
  • uniform code breaking

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