What are some of the worst or most boring memes?

For me, it would be the explicitly sexual ones and the memes that are about something I can’t relate to or don’t understand.
I’m not a fan of the ones that make fun of religions or that glorify things like drug abuse or cheating, either.

What memes are the worst ones for you?
Do you hate any memes?
Are there any memes that you consider boring?


The ones you mentioned, but also boomer memes about how they hate their wives and technology, minion memes, really old memes, sexist memes and probably a few more-


liked exclusively by karens

Trump supporters be like-


The kind that aren’t witty at all. I mean, ‘dank’ memes can be funny, where’s it’s just so random that you have to laugh, but other times it can just be boring


racist memes

those yo mama jokes are so dry lmao

oh and all the racist/colorist ones because it’s just soooo cute being racist

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