What are the advantages of listening to music?

It has been proven that music dramatically helps improve people’s mental wellbeing and boost physical health. For example, music lessons can help raise our IQs (intelligence quotient) and keep our minds sharper, particularly as we get older. :smile_cat:

Some advantages are:

  1. Music lowers stress and improve s health
  2. Music helps you sleep better (and I can agree with this one because it has help me :sweat_smile:)
  3. Music elevates your mood while driving (it really does for me)
  4. Makes you happier

What about you guys?

  • In what way music has helped you that you think would count as an advantage?

I helps me reduce stress and anxiety levels especially when it’s exam month like right now :hot_face::woman_playing_handball:

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I hope you do well in your exams and upcoming ones

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Thank you Tanaka :pleading_face::purple_heart:

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Makes me feel good
Makes you go into different worlds you never dreamed of

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  • Relaxes your mind.
  • Makes you want to sing.
  • Makes you want to dance.
  • Makes you feel like your at peace. (like calming music, etc.)

Yess! So true. I always have to listen to something and sing while I’m driving or I’d have terrible anxiety

If you’re listening to the right music it really does lift your mood. I’ve started dancing around to some music before my classes because it lowkey lowers stress

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@Music Do you know any other advantages of listening to music?

For me, the biggest advantage is that music can influence your mood and help cheer you up sometimes.


It just relaxes you… so much


Unless it’s the song I’m listening to now. It hypes me up.


Like it gets you hyper?


Yeah, makes you excited and wanting to dance.


HAHAHAHA! That’s fair and very true.


Listening to music has helped me write my story, and some songs even inspired certain scenes. :yellow_heart: :sunflower:

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