What are the benefits of art in your life?

Art is everywhere, whether you’re aware of it or not. Why do art exist in the first place, and what are some benefits of art?

Benefits of art

  • It can affect our mood, usually in a positive way
  • Makes our life easier as art is not just something visual, but it can be soemthing functionable.
  • A way to represent culture
  • Can change one’s perspective

Benefits of creating art

  • Stress relieving
  • Time-kiling fun activity
  • We can express our thoughts and feelings in art form (like music)

Overall, art is a general term and it greatly impacts our life. We might not notice but we’re always using art.


Ah, art really helps me clear my mind, it’s so relaxing. It’s also such a good way to express yourself

Creating art often helps me calm down which is a great benefit for me. Art in general just helps me with stuff that’s difficult to explain or understand, like emotions.

Art really helps me express my creativity. It also helps me release emotion in a healthy way. It’s also always given me more insight on the world when it comes to how people are and how they think.

What are ways art has helped you, @Artists ?

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