What Are The Story Trops/Chiches/Characteristics, Etc, That Make You Annoyed Or Stop Reading

So, I’m an author with like 14 stories in all, and a lot of ones not out yet, so I wanna know what are the stuff in a story like Tropes, Characteristics, Cliche’s, Etc, that make you wanna stop reading?


Mary Sues and Gary Stus


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Which are? :sweat_smile:

Mary Sues And Gary Stus??

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I don’t know what those are…

Mary Sues are girl characters that act perfect
Gary Stues is the same but boys


Tropes: Bad boys/bad girls; mean girls who make your life h-ll just because you insulted her or because you like her jock boyfriend

Cliches: “Gurl, you need a makeover if you want Jace to notice you!” “I’m not like other girls.” “Do I make you feel nervous? :smirk:” (If you see that I look nervous, then you don’t need to ask that. :expressionless:) “I’d tap that!” (Who even says that irl?! :persevere:)

These will make me stop reading. I’ll also stop reading if I see a character feature on a LL character is used wrongly.


Just not well developed characters. Like there’s a lot of things I can tolerate if the characters are well developed. Also I don’t like perfect characters- I’d rather see serious flaws than see serious strengths.

  • Boring, flat dialogues.
  • Under-developed, one-dimensional characters.
  • Harmful stereotypes
  • Mafia and gang stories— I’m just not interested in that
  • Toxic and/or abusive relationships being romanticized

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