What are three wishes you have for your life?

So as you know, everyone is born with a consciousness. You grow up, learn things, find yourself, learn what you value, and much much more things.

For you, after living your life so far… When you stop and think about your future, what three things do you wish you life will contain of? What do you wish for to happen in your life?


Peace, high IQ and high EQ. But mostly peace.

I wish that my journey of life wouldn’t be a rollercoaster, I know some people find it thilling but I just want a peaceful life.

@Discussions what about you? What wishes do you have for your life?


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Uh, 1) - I hope to move out and away from my family, to get a fresh start
2) I would like to get in a non-toxic relationship loll
3) wow this is hard uh idk. Have enough money to not have to worry about financial things?

  • I wish to have a lot of money (and be financially secure).
  • I wish to have good health.
  • I wish to be independent on my own.
  • Move out of this country…
  • Have a job that makes me happy and I don’t feel like I’m doing it just for the money
  • Have a family

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