What are you feeling right now?

I’m feeling sleepy


I’m feeling stressed. Working on my thesis rn and I’m not making the progress that I would like


Idk why but I feel like punching myself in the head

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That piecing a lot of story elements together is more difficult than learning how to weave a new, fancy braid.

I’m happy!!

Low on energy because I’m out of coffee and need to buy more as soon as I finish eating.

In a good mood… sanguine. I’ve been having a lot of just existential dread lately, however now I’m in a better mood!


I’m feeling low because I’ve had a crazy few weeks.



Strange! Came on here after a while. College has completely absorbed me and I love it—but it’s a lot. I’ve been just trying to settle in and all my focus is my schoolwork and classes. I’m doing mostly well. I’ve always had this huge dream of going to college so I’m soaking it in as much as I can. I participate to the extent I’m able to (I get drained easily and need to recoup instead of doing work sometimes). I aim to have good grades of course, but I view every mistake as a learning opportunity. I know that some things will come with practice.

I’m doing a lot better. I can walk using a walker.

And just got done with a wreckfest mobile video for TikTok. Now going to listen to music but I’m still tired of this cold weather.

I’m feeling really drained.

Right now, I’m a bit tired. Just walked on the treadmill.


Exhaustion and sadness (I’m okay, don’t worry!)

A little tired, like always, but doing alright.

How about anybody else?

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Tired٫ but content.