What are you physically attracted to?

What is your type?

No wrong or right answers here.

As for myself.

I like long hair and a good personality.



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I feel like I’ve always had this type of a guy in mind but I’ve never dated such person :joy:
Blond with blue eyes surfeeer type
So I realized that I don’t mind what u look like as long as I like you as a person and we have some things in common
Tho my bf now has blue eyes and I’m obsessed
+a sleeve!! tattoos are always a huge plus


For the most part we have such different types, lol. Besides the tattoos, I can 100% get behind that


H e y :triumph:


But yes I agree with that
Also like
A creative hobby or something
That’s also attractive
You know

Some art or like
Playing guitar or idk


Read again what I wrote, lol. The blonde hair blue eyes isn’t my type, tattoos absolutely are :joy:



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I have multiple types

  1. Blonde or sandy brown hair who are of Germanic or Slavic origin (I’m Slavic for context)
  2. Guys with long brown or black hair and with dark brown eyes and a stubble or a beard
  3. Men that ages as fine wine and maybe if they have a good haircut with some grey in it (One actor really fits in both types 1 and 3 and that’s Christoph Waltz)
  4. Men with captivatingly odd colored eyes such as Luca Marinelli or my ex boyfriend
  5. Cute guys that would look hot as elves with long blonde or other colored hair
  6. Men that wear those simple rings on their thumbs and stuff
  7. Men in suits and business casual attire
  8. Men with accents such as scottish accents, welsh accents, irish, most of the english accents, spanish accents, polish accents, some american accents, etc …
  9. Black men with nice bodies
  10. Black guys with cute or eccentric personalities
  11. Hispanic or Latin men with black hair and a bit of facial hair
  12. Men in bands or in movies (Confidence)
  13. Blonde boys of any nationality that exude a puppy dog personality
  14. Boys that look like JJ Field or Tom Hiddleston
  15. Funny men that aren’t conventionally handsome but are “ugly hot men” with nice personalities
  16. Cute men with a bit of chub
  17. Confident asian men
  18. Indian, Pakistani, Turkish, … men that that care about their looks.

Basically everybody could be beautiful in my eyes and some details can add to a person’s appearance, but there are always men that I find oddly attractive and there isn’t a type of man I usually go for because a handsome man could come with all sorts of different features, races and stuff, and there isn’t something important for me becuase I don’t date and I’m not looking to.

I could go on but


Forget to mention.



This one dude from my physics class, smart, tall, funny. :sob: I’ll see myself out.

I also like his face but my friends think i’m crazy