What are your '5 laws of fashion'?

No socks with sandals? Never wear shorts with boots? Low-cut tops with long skirts only?

Here are some of mine:

  • You should wear a neutral or light shade of lipstick if you’re wearing bright or dramatic eye shadow. If you want to wear red lipstick or an intense color, your eye makeup should be neutral. The point is that you should tone down one area in order to accentuate the other. (In my opinion)
  • I personally do not like low-cut tops, so if I buy a top, dress, or jumpsuit that I like but has a plunging neckline, I wear a camisole or top with a higher neckline under it. I also do this with my Episode characters.
  • No open-toed shoes in the fall/winter, even when it isn’t that cold. I just don’t feel that it looks right, unless I’m going to the pool or the beach.
  • At work, we have to wear closed-toed black shoes, so it’s either boots or flats. Loafers are ugly.
  • I just don’t feel that ripped jeans fit my style/personality, so I don’t wear them, but they look good on other people.
  1. Don’t wear white on your period
  2. Don’t wear anything low cut
  3. No heels for your clumsy ass
  4. Nothing too short for your clumsy ass
  5. Wear oversized stuff 90% of the time

:x:Extremely. Low. Pants.:x:
Bruh I do not want to see your butt crack.


I forgot this one!!
NO hanging off the hipbone pants, and NO it’s not cute to lift up your oversized t-shirt to supposedly ‘scratch your stomach’ so everyone can see that you’re wearing Calvin Klein boxers.
Seriously, I hated when boys did this in middle school. (I mean when I was in middle school… not my students.)


low rise pants are the devil


low cut pants are awful :eyes:

crop tops only work well with high waisted bottoms

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It’s actually so hard to think of something!!
I do agree with wearing a neutral or light shade of lipstick if you’re wearing bright or dramatic eye shadow!
Avoid horizontal stripes. If you wear an off shoulders top avoid wearing bras with straps, that’s not really pretty in my opinion.


Added tags :relaxed:

  • Pure gold, nothing less

Allergy reasons, I just like to make it seem cool. Also I’m Mexican :rofl:

  • Only one pattern at a time
  • No pure whites, especially on your week
  • Tight pants = Loose shirt
  • The glasses gotta match


  1. Always wear black pants with a bright shirt
  2. Don’t wear two different shades of the same colour
  3. Make sure the earrings match the outfit
  4. Same thing with shoes
  5. Don’t wear white unless I absolutely have to (i fall down a lot)

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