What are your best and worst personality traits?

I think mine would be…


  • I forgive easily
  • I’m very loyal
  • I don’t like being mean, rude, or disrespectful to anyone
  • I’m passionate about the things I love
  • I value family and close friends


  • I worry way too much
  • I’m too self-conscious
  • I’m very clingy with people I care about
  • Sometimes I’m jealous— but not jealous of possessions, power, or titles. Jealous as in wanting to be #1 for the people In love and not wanting to be replaced by anyone that’s important to me.
  • I overthink everything


  • I’m super nice

  • I am extremely empathetic towards differing ideas ( i think at least lol)

  • I like how much i like my friends (this sounds stupid but its true)

  • open-minded


  • I do have anger issues that need to get sorted out

  • I’m unmotivated in terms of school and work

  • I can get self-centered

  • I’m sometimes not that good of a friend myself : (



I’m passionate about the things I love.
I’m respectful of everything and everyone!
I’m always kind and nice to everyone.
I hate fighting and arguing or making someone upset.
I always forgive people (but never forget).
I’m always willing to help.
I’m independent.


I said I forgive people but never forget and I think that can also be bad. I hold grudges…
I can be really moody!
I’m shy and not talkative.
I’m the jealous type but only because I’m insecure.
I’m a homebody so I love to be alone.
Things can easily annoy me when I don’t like them.
I’m not patient at all!
I’m really, really sensitive and emotional.



  • I’m very caring
  • Super honest yet open-minded
  • I’m a curious person who wants to learn about a lot of things
  • I consider myself hard-working
  • I’m easy to talk to (but I prefer to listen)
  • I’m a fiercely loyal person
  • Super passionate person
  • Quite empathetic
  • I believe everyone has some degree of good in them, or at least most people
  • I’m very humble
  • I’m a reserved person, meaning I think about many things… a lot


  • I’m quite emotional, meaning I get upset
  • My passion/firm beliefs can lead to arguments
  • I assume or misunderstand things which leads to frustration
  • I’m very impatient
  • At times, I can be petty and extremely vengeful
  • I don’t open up easily, making it hard for someone to talk to me
  • I get annoyed and can be annoying easily
  • I worry a lot
  • I overthink everything
  • I tend to keep things to myself until it gets really bad
  • Sometimes I’m cold-hearted
  • If I dislike you, I make it obvious
  • My bluntness can come off as being rude
  • I’m insecure (I will never be able to have a stable relationship with someone :joy:)
  • I put myself down way too often
  • I’m a big perfectionist
  • I’m short-tempered
  • I’m not too talkative
  • I’m quite moody
  • I can be reckless, especially with money
  • I’m sarcastic and snarky
  • I hide my emotions so well, I barely cry
  • I’m lazy and I procrastinate a lot

I’m very flawed. semi-evil laugh

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i feel like this is narcissistic but i wanna try to reflect

-im v cute
-i AM mature believe it or not

-im self interested ~actually thats a debate im having w myself CAN SOME1 HELP ME W THAT~



  • I’m actually really smart XD (I easily figure my way out when I’m in trouble)
  • I am a good listener
  • Open minded
  • I have leadership???
  • Calm
  • Loyal
  • Somewhat brave?

Worst :broken_heart:

  • Short-tempered
  • Emotionally sensitive
  • Aggressive
  • Impatient
  • Overthinks everything
  • Sometimes I can get self-centered / desperately craving for people’s attention
  • I don’t have that much confidence in myself lol
  • Pessimistic
  • Lazy as hell.
  • I can’t control my emotions that well
  • A little sarcastic
  • I laugh TOO much
  • Easily offended

I just realise that I have more worse personality traits than my best ones wow I’m so bad

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  • I’m down to earth
  • Pretty chill


  • Sometimes I’m overly sensitive
  • I give too much attitude at times
  • A little too sarcastic-


  • I’m smart
  • I can sorta write ish kind of I guess?
  • I’m kind
  • I’m pretty self-confident
  • I’m realistic about my abilities
  • I’m hardworking
  • I strive for perfection or as close as possible to it
  • I can make self-deprecating jokes without being deprecated.
  • I’m open minded
  • I like lifting people up (most of the time)
  • I’m usually a pretty chill person


  • I can be rude when I try to be blunt
  • I’m a pushover
  • I’m easily walked over
  • I don’t usually speak up
  • I am not good at socializing holy crap
  • I have a wall and don’t trust easily
  • I avoid some questions just as much as I avoid my problems :sunglasses:
  • I regret things very very easily
  • Sometimes I overthink things
  • I can come off as narcissistic or with a superior air about me
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  • I’m smart(I guess)

  • I can sorta write okay

  • I’m kind

  • I’m pretty friendly

  • I try to be realistic at what I can do.

  • I’m hardworking

  • I strive for perfection or as close as possible to it

  • I can make self-deprecating jokes without being deprecated.

  • I’m open minded

  • I like lifting people up (most of the time)

  • I’m usually a pretty chill person

  • I stand up for others

  • I can be weird and an weird a lot

  • Some days I hate myself with a passion

  • If I get angry or upset I can be very rude.

  • I can be rude when I try to be funny sometimes.

  • I’m easily walked over

  • I don’t speak up for myself sometimes

  • I am not great at socializing but I can manage if I have too.

  • I trust too easily sometimes.

  • I am gullible.

  • I avoid things if I dislike them.

  • I regret things very very easily. So much sometimes it’s the only thing I thin about for a while.

  • I tend to overthink a bunch things.

  • I can get really down about my self and my self-worth. Like sometimes I think I am worthless.
    ^ Sometimes going online and talking with my friend helps

  • I mourn my dead parent a lot sometimes.



  • I’m ambitious
  • i can be goofy
  • I’m smart
  • I’m a bookworm
  • I’m proud of my grades
  • my green eyes
  • I’m determined
  • I’m caring
  • I’m helpful
  • I’m independent
  • I’m nice


  • i sometimes dwell on my past
  • I can be immature sometimes
  • sometimes I’m insecure
  • I’m sometimes naive
  • my mistakes turn into regrets
  • I make a lot of mistakes
  • I rarely open up my feelings to anyone
  • acts like everything’s fine
  • can be sensitive
  • can be annoying
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im to lazy to list but

very short list tbh

okay, way to long…

i have two sides and if youre my friend you see my more nice side

but if i dont like you i will kill you

but in between i guess im sarcastic, funny?

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Well, I’m pretty nice, but I’m very morbid.

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