What are your Christmas/New Year traditions?

I really should stop with all those Christmas threads

Whether they are our country’s or just our family’s, I’m sure all of us have some traditions for “The most wonderful time of the year”! So, what are they?

Uhhh I always wake my mum up at like 5 am and she’s always recorded me opening stuff since I was like 4. And we have chinese food for dinner!


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@Divcp is your tradition traditional?

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I dont celwbrate chrismin :worried: that is why no reply ok… . … . … … .
My tradition is antartica bye

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Sry :thinking:

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@Discussions Christmas and New Year are over but we can still discuss some traditions!

We do celebrate Christmas but it’s not a big event compared to the other festivals. Usually we would just play Christmas songs and maybe eat something better than usual? Yeah, that’s it.

We don’t exchange Christmas gifts and all that stuff.

I don’t celebrate Christmas…

but people here who do, they normally bake on Christmas eve and go to peoples’ house and sing parang songs!!
Basically the meaning of Christmas here is sorta different here because most people just drink rum, eat ham or turkey and have a good time :joy: and the parang songs do not even have the birth of Jesus centered around it. It’s a whole different meaning of Christmas here. Other than that, they’re some who actually celebrate it and give gifts and play Christmas carols.

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