What are your music listening habits?

Do you have any particular habits when it comes to listening to music? For example, starting the day off with a song to hype you up?

Some of my music listening habits are:

  • When I’m really sad or depressed, I cannot listen to my favorite songs. I have to listen to songs that are sad so that my favorite songs are not ruined by reminding me of whatever made me sad.
  • If a song I like is stuck in my head, I have to listen to it.
  • I play music in my car on the way to work, but not on my way home. That tradition started back when I worked at jobs that were so stressful, that I didn’t even feel like listening to anything once the day was over.
  • I HAVE to listen to either Sunflower, Circles, Better Now, or A Thousand Bad Times once a day. Only on the weekends do I listen to my entire playlist while writing my story.
  • I will only remove my headphones while at the café if they are playing a song I really like.

I always listen to music with my earphones on.

I normally listen to music when I’m on the train to university. That’s either two hours of listening to music or just half an hour if a friend gets on the train as well. Other than that, I don’t really have a habit, I just listen to music whenever I want to

@Music Do you have any music listening habits?


Grabbing my headphones and blasting my music while mowing the lawns. Haha. Thankful for wireless.

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When I draw, practice, sometimes sleep, don’t want to be near my family, or just because. Every time is a good time for music.

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Vibing to Spotify music whenever I have free time. It makes me feel hyped up.

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For me I literally listening to Christmas and American music. But during Christmas music I usually sign language the tune.

Also I do have a Bluetooth EarPods I listen as well.

This has recently become a habit for me - I listen to K-pop whenever I’m studying because for some reason it helps me focus

An older habit would be that whenever I find a new song that I like, I listen to it on repeat until I find a new song

@Music - what about you?


I listen to music way too much, it’s the same music so I don’t branch out much.


Same. I don’t really branch out, either. And for some reason, I enjoy listening to music in my car way better than listening to it at home. It just hits different.


^^^ Still the same

Relatable except all my favourite songs are slow and sad :pensive::ok_hand:

If I’m going for a trip or going to places that is far away from home (but not far enough to call it as travelling such as shopping malls) I always have my earphones on while enjoying the scenery. So I may be not talking to anyone during the while journey.

Songs usually get stuck in my head when I don’t feel like listening to music.