What are your saddest anime scenes?

I don’t really know many sad scenes but I would love to know what you guys think and why it made you sad.

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Akame ga Kill has so many sad scenes.


There are so many sad anime scenes :pleading_face:

They always kill of characters I really like

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The second opening of Nagi no Asukara. The combination of music and animation captures the tone shift so well :sob:

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I know, right? Trying to think of more sad anime scenes…

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So in Anohana they were confessing their darkest secrets and guilt that they had when their friend died and then at 4:36 Popo confesses he watched the river sweep away Menma and drown her and he couldn’t do anything :sob:

Oof there are many sad anime scenes that I have seen. These are the top ones though.

I was fifteen at the time of Naruto anime’s original run so when this scene happened I literally cried…

This scene was really sad to watch since Ace was Luffy’s brother which he was watched this happen.


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I almost cried whenAll Might lost his power. Then also during the flashbacks with Nana.


Oh, also the whole kettle and Todoroki scenario. I want to punch Endevor in the face.

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Which anime are you talking about?

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My Hero Acadamia.

Speaking of that

A scene that rips my heart out and throws it to the dogs is when Eri first bumps into Deku and you just hear her little voice saying “please don’t go” it’s just…completely heart breaking.

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The final episode of Elfen Lied.

Man it made me cry so much, I couldn’t. The manga version made me cry as well, idk why but it really got to me when I finished it in one day.

There’s a particular scene in Jujutsu Kaisen that is sadder in the anime but for people who don’t want spoilers I’ll hide it


I watched the anime before I’d read the manga so seeing Junpei in the opening didn’t mean anything to me other than “oh look a character I haven’t met yet” then when you meet Junpei you realize that he’s quite a sad character in general. But then you start seeing Yuji imagine him joining him in the Jujutsu Sorcerer school…but he never quite makes it that far because Mahito transfigures him and kills him infront of Yuji…it’s sad. Then you see Yuji imagining him joining him at school again but it’s far sadder.

Her voice is just so fragile…

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In dubbed and subbed tbh
I do love her dubbed voice but I had to watch subbed which was also very sweet

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I watched dubbed. I prefer it.

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Just…a lot of YLIA and the raid on Anteiku in Tokyo Ghoul. It was snowing here when it was in the anime, and I just cried. Glassy sky playing didn’t help. Also…Shirazu.

One Piece has a lot of scenes that made me cry. I cried a lot when they sank Going Merry