What are your signature writing styles?

What are your signature writing styles? What’s the difference between that and a “normal” writing style? What type of POV does it include more?

This can be related to writing when it comes to Episode, Tapas, Wattpad, and RPing!


In general, I mostly write from a first-person perspective, usually that of the main character, but sometimes I’ll switch it up (Except for RPs - I write RP posts in the third person). I tend to write the way I speak and I use contractions and slang in my writing.

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My writing style is very unusual. When it comes to working on my book, I write how I would speak in real life e.g. words and phrases like “c**t”, “Get in the bin!”

When I’m writing in my diary, it’s the same way I would write when I’m working on my book.

I always try to write from my character’s perspective when RPing, even if it’s in third person. Two different character’s description of the same scene may be very different.

I mainly write in first person, as if I were writing a diary from the perspective of the main character. Sometimes, I switch perspectives, allowing other characters to narrate the story.

When I first started writing on Episode, I used a lot of narration, like a book told in first person. But now, I visualize it like a TV show, and I show much more often than tell, through dialogues and characters’ thoughts.

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