What are your top ten Episode stories right now?

Are they all ongoing stories, or do you also have a few completed stories that you love on your top ten list?

@Episodians, share your top ten favorites!

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Here’s my current top 10 favorites:

  1. Watch My Six by Laila C (this one will always remain at the top)
  2. Dead or Alive by sargym.ep
  3. IDEAL by xCAMx
  4. SWY: Squashed by Mira & Alice
  5. SWY: Deep Space by Ely
  6. SWY: Lightless by Blanca and Belle
  7. SWY: An Elven Legacy by Lorenbethxox
  8. The Passenger by Ely
  9. Through the Worlds by Ksenia
  10. Behind the Words by F. Edgarsson & Sasha Alex

@Episodians, what are your top 10 favorite stories?

My current top 10 favorites :eyes:

  1. Watch My Six by Laila
  2. Top Streamer by Dynasty
  3. Blended by Matilda
  4. Solar Flare by Erato
  5. Flunkers’ Club by Zara Jay
  6. High Maintainence by Ji
  7. Racing Royal by Amanda Michele
  8. Error 404 by Victoria
  9. Rogue by Blaise
  10. Dead or Alive by sargym.ep

What are your top 10 favorites, @Episodians?

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  1. Pick Me by Lemon
  2. The Bucket List by Sophie M
  3. Dancing with Danger by Honey Bee
  4. Unfortunate Lovers by Lynda N.
  5. Utopia by Porcelain
  6. Breaking Away by F. Edgarsson

Those are only 6, but I can’t remember any others at the moment, though I know I have plenty.

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The Bucket List and Breaking Away are amazing! :star_struck:


Dancing with Danger is SO good, I read it while doing a R4R with the author and I LOVE IT. And Honey Bee is so sweet too! I’m definitely finishing and continuing the story.

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I’ve recently read I Horse You, that story is straight comedy

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