What area of your life brings you the most happiness?

What area of your life brings you the most happiness? When I ask this, I’m talking about anything. Whether that’s hobbies, relationships, the nights, days, afternoons by yourself, the moments you have greater thoughts, an event you go to, groups you visit.

For me, I’d say every area in my life is a blessing. I think it builds my character and gives me a story to tell, the bad and the good.

What about you @Discussions?


The people. I could not live without the people in my life cheering me on every day :heart: My happiness comes from the positivty they bring me. Without them I’d be a debby downer for sure :star_struck:

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The people I love.
Nothing brings me more happiness that spending time with people that I love being around.

Hmm I’m not too sure really, the social stuff has been pretty good lately I guess, even if it’s tiring

Spending time with people I love and just laughing and having good conversations.

The idea of being a teacher brings me like this very very strong sense of excitement and happiness.

Literature and writing.

Reading really good books!

Good food.

Being happy because I go through phases of insecurity and depression. Like right now im very happy with the current moment and my life.

Holidays because I get to spend time with family!

Giving gifts, even little things and surprising people.

And I can’t forget my cat, lol.

Writing and creating!

Friendships, reading, traveling, being creative in general, and recently surprisingly sport :upside_down_face:

Why surprising?

Friendships and family. All the opportunities to travel

Money, friends and food :star_struck:

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Felt that :raised_hand:

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Travelling, meeting rad new people, doing things I didn’t expect myself to be able to do, and yeah, food…

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Learning, school, literature and art!

It’s hard to decide as there are probably other areas im forgetting. But I really love school, and learning. I can’t wait for the next semester to begin. I love the schedule that school brings—during the summer (while I love a break) my mental health kinda worsens.