What Character Types Do You Like?

What character types do you like?




Hmm, I don’t like specific types tbh, I more like diverse characters that have a developed personality and who actually add something to the story.

Even if it’s an annoying or cliché character, if it’s worked out well it’s only a good thing. As long as they actually make me feel some type of way cause of how they are written I like them, for example the antagonist is usually my favorite character in the story on the condition it’s worked out well. Even the gay best friend even if it’s stereotypical can be enjoyable and very funny, just give them a personality besides being the best friend and gay.


I usually like characters with common sense and that’s it I guess.


There isn’t a particular character type I like, but I am a fan of well-written characters. Bonus points if there’s diversity. I like seeing MC’s who aren’t weak and passive, but aren’t overly tough “bad girls.” :white_heart:

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Usually, I like characters I can relate to.
But sometimes, characters that are nothing like me can become favorites because they’re so well-written and their dialogues are amazing.

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