What Color is Each School Subject Most Associated in Your Mind?

For me, I’d say:

Math - yellow
English/ Literatures - red
Science - blue
Social Studies - orange

those are just the core subjects. I don’t think I associate any color for the extracurricular subjects like art or music – which of course you can add if you want.



For me, I’d say maths and Science are switched, and I’d associate purple with drama/theatre.

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English: Red
Science: Green
History: Grey
Math: Blue

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Math: Blue
English: red
Science: purple
Social studies: any color

Math: black
Science: green
French: blue
English: yellow
History: black/grey

interesting :thinking: i’ve never seen the color black as an option beforee
usually i see colors like yellow or blue

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:eyes: an option for what-

for mathhh

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Are you like talking about the workbooks they give you?

wat. no i’m talking about the subject. like for example, i don’t really see people associate hte color white or grey or black for subjects so i thought that was interesting


OHOHHHHHHH okay comprend
I’m not like other girls people then obviously :sunglasses:

I mean my math binder is black tho so thas mostly why

quirrkyy :sunglasses:

same here – that’s why i associate yellow with math because my math binder is always yelloww

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Math - Red
Science - Green
Social Studies - Blue
English - Orange or Purple

i’ve never noticed your username. kinda off-topic but i like your username hahaa

Math- Blue
Science- Green
Social Studies - Red or orange
English- Yellow

For me, it’s:

Math - Red
Science - Green
English - Purple or blue
History/Social Studies - Yellow

i swear this has been a discussion before- deja vu yall

Math - Red
English - Blue
Social Studies - Pink/Orange/Yellow
Science - Green
Music - Black (we have to have a black binder for band lol)

Math blue
English orange
Science green
Social studies purple

Math - blue
Science - green
Social Studies - yellow
English - red