What colour do you associate your character with?

Color can and mean more than people sometimes think, they can make you hungry, make you remember more, or calm you down.

Here’s some things color can mean.

@RPers, what color would your character be?


Johnny Doe from The Bachelor(ette) - Navy Blue
Dean Lambre’ from The Bachelor(ette) - Sky Blue
Jessica Wong from The Bachelor(ette) - Pale pink
Remington Walsh from Love Island - Purple
Adam Berrada from Love Island - Orange
Tamati Folau from Love Island - Forest Green

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Ahvni Rai [Fairytaled] - Light purple
Abelino Linguini [Fairytaled] - Light yellowish green
Leonor Blancas [Fairytaled] - Red
Aphrodite Florakis [Las Levendas] - Gold
Mikhael Braun [Las Levendas] - Brown (??)
Rapunzel Westergaard [Las Levendas] - Sky blue and hot pink
Athena Howard [Alone] - Orange/Bright yellow
Niko Pierson [Alone] - Icy blue

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Merthiel Pacefa (Fairytale-d) - Midnight Blue and Silver
Camilina Auclair (New Blood) - Yellow
Jayleen Hu (New Blood) - White
Kohana (FTD) - Orange, leaning a bit towards yellow
Anra Detower (FTD) - Green or Brown

And mostly, those colors I associate with them are also their favorite color.

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Whatever color I use for a character’s name when I write their posts is usually the color I associate with them. Though, in some cases I associate one or more others as well.

From Blue Royalty, most significantly I associate Jezebel with a blue color, and Ketziah with purple. Both of which are because of it being their favorite color. Then there’s Kai, who I associate with both red and blue. Red, because its his favorite color, and blue because of his family having created the blue royalty game.
From BR2, I associate green with Laurel and red with Diego for example, but for Eddie, I associate him with both yellow and with a light blue or teal. Both of which are favorites of his. Then with Quinn I associate him with closer to 3 colors. A yellow color from his nameplate, dark green (because I feel the color fits with him, and its the main color I use for my personal copy of his info), and black as his favorite color.

Also added some tags

Ahnvi: Lavender/Baby Pink
Leonor: Cherry Red
Abelino: Lime/Neon Green
Sythaerin: Royal Blue/Royal Purple

Aphrodite: Gold
Mikhael: Brown

zodiac rp
Scorpio: Purple/Blue
Libra: Light Pink
Nylathria: Dark Green

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