What colour would you never wear?

Hey @Fashionistas!

Let’s dive into the world of personal style & preferences. We all have our favourite colours, but what about the ones you’d never consider wearing?

Is there a colour that you would never, under any circumstances, wear?

Whether it’s a childhood aversion, a fashion faux pas, or just a personal dislike!
Share your reasons. Is it cultural, personal, or linked to a particular memory?
Have you ever surprised yourself by breaking your own colour rule?


Bright orange. That’s pretty much it.


Mine would be Mustard-Yellow, I just don’t like the colour.

Although, I did buy a checkered shirt in that colour last year and I love it.

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How come?


I don’t want to look like a traffic cone. Also bright yellow. I have a gold shirt, but I wouldn’t wear anything highlighter color.


That’s completely fair.

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I would say orange too, it’s just not a pretty colour, but like on King’s day basically everyone here wears orange and the colour of for example our national soccer team is orange so I actually do wear it on certain occasions :joy:

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Neon yellow/green/pink like on safety vests, gold (clothes) or anything that blends with my skin

I usually avoid color combinations more than colors though

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That’s fair. I would probably agree with you and @Ouijaloveletters with orange, I don’t think I have any orange in my wardrobe.

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Colour combinations like what?

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A color I would never wear is pink I wore it alot as a child and can’t stand it now. Mostly hot pink. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Was it by choice or was it something your parents/guardians dressed you in?

Both once I had told them I loved pink they had got me pink everything.

Ah, that makes sense

Clashing colors, like red and yellow, red and green. Or colors that are too similar, like blue and green, red and orange. I also try not to make my outfits too flashy, if I’m wearing a bright shirt my pants have to even it out. And I don’t go over 3 different colors (+black and white)

That really specific shade of blue that you always see on ‘classic’ styled dresses. Its almost fluorescent and its horrible.