What cosmetic brand do you use?

If you’re someone who likes wearing makeup, what brand of cosmetics do you use? Do you stick with one brand or do you use multiple?


I use a whole bunch of different brands, I tend to get whatever’s cheapest and has what I’m looking for :sweat_smile:


I don’t use makeup. :eyes:


Is the cosmetics you used on a daily expensive?

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i use a mix of brands, i don’t really pay attention to the kind of brand as long as i’m satisfied with the makeup. i use both, drugstore makeup and higher-end makeup (more drugstore than the expensive ones).

I also don’t really pay attention to brands, I just buy what I like :sweat_smile:
I do want to start buying Tarte products but it’s a bit expensive here

I wear a lot of different brands of make up, because I just buy what I think will look nice/work with my features. I will say that the Sephora brand is one of my favourites.

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