What defines a sport?

What makes a sport a sport?

There are some sports that are clearly sports, such as football, baseball, rugby, etc.
But what about one that aren’t clear - curling, ice skating, yoga. Are they sports?

What makes something a sport to you, @SportsFans?


For me, if a “sport” has a competitive nature (there’s some sort of competition involved) it’s a sport to me. Hence I do think most of those are sports … yoga however I’m unsure of. I’ve never heard of competitive yoga so I feel like that’s more of an exercise/wellness technique then a sport.

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Curling and ice skating are definitely sports, there’s a lot of training that goes into them as well as physical improvement

Yoga, like beni said, is a wellness technique and is more about spiritual improvement than it is physical improvement

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That’s an interesting way to look at it.

Fair. Are there any sports that you wouldn’t consider a sport?

Sport is something I would define as exercise of any kind, it does often come with competition and also a mindset such as being a “good sport” which does imply a social aspect to the equation. But I think a sport in and of itself is just exercise so stuff like yoga would count, it does help improve flexibility.

I would 100% consider these sports. Those are represented at the Olympics, athletes train for hours and hours to compete in competitions. Maybe with the ice skating I’m a bit biased, as a lot of medals in that (both long and shorttrack) go to the Netherlands… But the fact those competitions exists says a lot already.

For me a sport is exercise that’s done competitive. Fitness is not a sport to me, as it’s not competitive, same for yoga. Things like chess I would consider a thinking sport, as it lacks the physical exercise part

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