What do a lot of writers do that you DON'T?

Are there any common things that many writers seem to do, but it simply doesn’t relate to you at all? It can be things they write about, but it can also be rituals, prep, techniques, anything!
Here are a couple of things that a lot of writers seem to do that I don’t do:

  • Killing off characters. I get attached to my characters, so I hardly ever kill them off, unless a character’s death is crucial for the start of the story. I’ve only done this in one story, but the character was ill from the beginning and if he didn’t die, there would be no story. But since I usually write light-hearted things, I don’t include murders and things like that.

  • Writing at 3 AM. I’m way more productive in the mornings after coffee. If I can’t fall asleep at 3 AM, I do tend to get good ideas, but I’m rarely up at that time.

  • Making detailed outlines. I’m neither a plotter nor a panster. I usually have each chapter roughly mapped out in my head, and sometimes I do a rough outline of the chapters, but I usually come up with good ideas for the chapter and change everything while writing.

I’ll post more once I remember them.

What about you, @Writers?


This is so me

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I would say for me, keep to any kind of writing schedule. I find it difficult to do so.

write stories in general

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Hmmm…I’ve only written a couple things, honestly.

I agree

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yis yis

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omg why it this me-

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Plan their story

I don’t really do that, or if I do I don’t like it

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