What do you always tell or remind yourself?

“People aren’t as socially aware in person as they seem online.” :smiley:

You guys?


This one actually bothers be quite often, if in a different way :joy:
Cus ppl will come up with the most chronically online ideas ever and assume that everyone thinks them and start attacking people who don’t, and most people will go along with it to appear more ‘socially aware’, whereas my autistic @ss is getting attacked left and right because I can’t figure out why it matters so much whether or not certain ppl can say slurs.

A few things that apply to me:

  • “make sure ur binder is positioned correctly”
  • “look at people’s noses when they talk to you”
  • “Always nod, smile, say ‘yea’ or ‘sure’, even if ur brain can’t understand them”
  • “Intervening is almost always going to hurt you”
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“This is not good.” - I hear that in my thoughts so many times each day. Like, in the middle of the day, my brain just decides to remind me that this or that isn’t good :sweat_smile:

Lol “No one’s going to understand. They never do.” As soon as I start talking, that what I remind myself, and then I shut own the conversation. Rip.

What about you? @Discussions what do you always remain aware of?

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Negative things:
You’re never going to be the best/ there will always be someone better than you.
People (will) use you for your kindness.

50/50 good and bad
take care of yourself instead of others for once.
you’ll never be perfect.

positive things:
it’s alright to make mistakes.
You’re just human.
You’re loved (though others remind me of this more)

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To remember things…

To stop overthinking and not to take things personally, because I always think that people don’t like me, or that I said the wrong thing, and then I worry about it and overanalyze every little thing.

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