What do you do when you get a really bad sunburn?

I got really bad sunburn on my legs? It hurts really badly. Do you have any idea how I can heal my legs. :pensive:


My friend said Shea butter

Other people have said rub wet tea bags on it but they might have been joking.

Maybe E45 :thinking: perhaps some aftersun

Moisturiser in general would probably help, I hate sunburn

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Me as well

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I don’t get sunburnt :tipping_hand_woman:t5:


Ok :ok_hand:t2:

Aloe Vera?

Here we use cheap remedies like yogurt and it supposedly helps :joy:

On my back. I think it was around 2011 or 2012.

Like, I couldn’t wear a shirt without wincing in pain for weeks.

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Hit it. Slap it. Punch it


Why would you do that?


I actually do have sunburn on my back and it doesn’t hurt as it on Wednesday. :thinking:

I use this aloe vera thing my mom found at the local pharmacy. It helps soothe the burn.

cry and suffer

i think aloe tends to help with sunburn

^ definitely not that

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i dont burn coz i dont leave my bedroom

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Aloe Vera gel. Slather it on the sunburn and it will help.
I’ve gotten really bad sunburns when I gone swimming, and aloe Vera gel really helps.


Thanks and although I got sunburned on my back, it already peeled off. But it doesn’t hurt anymore.


I saw in a few videos that you should apply aloevera gel to the burnt part.
It’s cools the burn and is good for your skin, i guess…


Thanks for telling me, although my skin is already peeling off where I was sunburned.

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