What do you eat when you have the cold or flu?

When you have the cold/flu, do you ever feel too weak to eat anything? Sometimes, the flu or cold does decrease your appetite but sometimes, it increases your appetite. So what are your favourite things to eat when you’re feeling sick? I like:

  • creamy mushroom soup with turkey bacon and a slice of ciabatta bread
  • Korean fire noodles (carbonara) with some turkey bacon
  • fruits such as: apples, oranges, mangos
  • pineapple juice
  • mango smoothies
  • Turkish lamb stew with bread
  • roti/paratha with chicken/lamb curry
  • tuna panini

My mother just makes me eat regular food

It’s not that I lose my appetite, I just don’t feel hungry :no_mouth:

Toast mostly

When I came down with the flu, I ate oatmeal and bread for breakfast. I drank a lot of tea too

Tea and that’s it :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::no_mouth:

Garlic sauce
Ginger juice with lemon and honey

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Normal food. And medicine before bed

I don’t eat much food, unless it’s soup. I drink more herbal tea. :white_heart:

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Same. I love a good old peppermint tea since that helps me sleep.

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  • Tomato soup w/ bread
  • Honey and lemon (honey + lemon juice + hot water)

Usually does the trick!

Soup really helps me when I’m sick

Added a food tag :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

I just don’t feel hungry when I’m sick :sweat_smile:
But that’s really annoying when I’m not sick and I hadn’t eaten anything for days and ohhh the paiiiin

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I changed it to food because we’re talking about food here lol :sweat_smile:


I’d usually just force myself to eat the foods I’d normally have, with a few exceptions of soup in place of some meals.

Icecream lmao

Broth with pasta and a lot of tea and water. :yum:

I just drink tea! Am I the only one that completely loses appetite?

Soup! Just soup :joy: