What do you think makes you unique from other people?

“We are unique in our own way,” as I would always say to people. I always see what makes this other person unlike another—either their traits, morals, values, or just their whole personality in general, and I tell them that if I can and want to. I’m sure you, too, can relate to this.

But how about yourself? If you think you know what makes others unique, do you also know what makes you unique, @Discussions?

To me, I think I’m unique with my experiences and how I take things in life: my growth. There may still be some similarities to some people, but even the slightest thing is what makes it unique. I always think I am because, observing what other people my age around me experienced or are experiencing, there are a few things I can name that is not in them.




That was weird bye

Honestly tho i cant think of anything im very basic yes


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Hmmm. Just being me is unique in itself.

I think this is one of those questions that I’d have to ask other people because I’m not sure how to answer it on my own. Maybe that’s because I’m not sure what I look like in other people’s eyes that make me unique. I am who I am, and if there’s something about it that makes me unique, then so be it. Being unique is subjective. How or who you are may be unique to someone but it may not be the same for someone else. I’m honestly not sure how to answer this :thinking:

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I’m dumber, stupider and uglier! On a real note - no nothing besides my looks :face_vomiting:

My ability to stay anti-social and procrastinate for long periods of time.


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Love this thread

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Thank you

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I have no idea, someone else would have to answer that.

I’m not sure, because it really depends on who’s evaluating my uniqueness. Some people might consider me basic; others might find me unique because I don’t fit into their mold of normal.

The fact I’m me and nobody else is me

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