What do you think of the terms "underrated" and "overrated" in music?

In all honesty I feel like both of them aren’t really used right. Like, people often use overrated to say that they don’t like a song/artist and nobody else should like it and people use underrated to say that they do like the song/artist and it should get more attention.

So it boils down to “like” and “dislike” but takes it a step further as if to say that nobody or everybody should like/dislike the song/artist.

In reality, calling a song underrated should mean it’s slipped through the net completely and barely anybody knows it at all (alot of songs/artists called underrated these days are popular songs/artists in their own right).

Calling a song/artist overrated should mean you are hearing about it too much and being underwhelmed by what it actually is, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, it just means it may be played on the radio so much and talked about so much that you just don’t care about it.


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Yeah, i noticed when people say overrated, they usually mean that they dislike the song which isn’t even how it’s used correctly.

I don’t really care if a song is underrated or overrated, but overrated songs can ruin it for me not because of popularity. If I hear a song get played too often, even if I like it, I will grow annoyed and really tired of hearing it play over and over. Tiktok for example, when I first heard a kpop song, I really liked it and added it to my playlist. But once I kept hearing it every time I got on the main page, I now dislike the song out of annoyance because of how often it gets played over.
It is pretty nice to find some really good underrated songs that not many people know about. If I like a song, I will like a song whether it’s considered over or underrated – but it is easy for me to grow tired of a song

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I think ‘underrated’ songs/artists would be ones that are only locally popular, but are so good, they should get more attention or be mainstream. A lot of people call certain songs or singers ‘underrated’, but they actually have a much bigger fanbase online that singers who are mainstream or that have Billboard top 100 songs.
Underrated songs, in my opinion, are songs that hardly get any attention at all, outside of that singer’s fanbase, or maybe a song that isn’t a singer’s biggest hit but is of excellent quality.

Overrated is often used, as specified in the original post, for popular songs or singers that people hate, or even to say that it’s not good just because it’s popular. This really bothers me. I think that an overrated song could apply to a song that is good or average, but not a masterpiece like many people claim it is.

I use these terms wrong, but shush

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