What does inner beauty mean to you?

I guess inner beauty is the way you are as a person :thinking: alot of people say “you’re beautiful inside and out” when they want to tell the person that not only are they good looking but they are also a good person.

What do you guys think?


I believe I agree with you. But, if you think abut it, it’s all technically individual preference… Beautiful to only the eyes of the beholder…

That i have a nice character

It’s the real beauty of the person which goes far beyond just physical appearances
“Something like inner beauty will live forever like the scent of the rose” :rose::purple_heart:

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I think as beautiful as someone may be on the outside, it won’t ever match or compare to inner beauty. Inner beauty has multiple meanings for different people. For me, inner beauty is how you treat other people, your mindset, your personality and who you are as a person

True. It varies from persom to person; to me, it always depends on someone’s heart and if they’re genuine.

To me, inner beauty is about being a genuinely good person. Are you the type of person that I would trust, that I don’t believe would intentionally cause someone harm? If so, then that would be inner beauty. True inner beauty would be that light inside of someone, being that example of what is good in humanity.

That the person’s blood has a nice shade of red… Jk, it’s about personality for me :smile_cat:

@BeautyEssentials What about you?

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This actually made me guffaw out loud!

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