What does your personal hell look like? 👀

Mine would probably have many geese screaming at me for being a failure while I try to log into the forums to do my tasks before the deadline, but my internet wouldn’t work, so when I would finally manage to log in, I would have a message from El saying that she fired me :pleading_face::broken_heart:

How about your personal hell? :eyes::eyes:
And what does autocorrect have against hell?


burning in oil

not being able to eat food

being screamed at


AHHHHH :sob::sob::sob:


If I were in a relationship and they wouldn’t hug me, or just hang out with me.



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Probably the zombified remains of my deceased twin screaming at me that her death is my fault, or everyone that I love abandoning me. Even you guys…

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Math class

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Me, by myself in a dark room.

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I do that every night. I’m talking you you guys, but I’m still alone in the room. I know what you mean, though. Being completely alone.

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duckling not putting on the #activitychallenge2 tag onto this thread :sob:

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I swear it was there when I created the thread :sob:
Why does the tag keep disappearing from the threads I create?! :sob::sob:

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can that tag being so glitchy be part of my personal hell? :pleading_face:

It’s unrad
Not explaining because it’s unrad for me to think about :upside_down_face:


Sh!t, that was dark.

already in it :star_struck:

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Trigger warning for emetophobia

Just throwing up constantly. Or even for just a week. That would be personal hell. Or even like, getting it on a specific day of each month and knowing that I’ll throw up then or something all the time and constantly fearing it happening… yeah.

A bunch of small tiny dark holes in a completely soundless and sound proof right room while hearing tiny whispers saying I’m a failure— that would be my hell :flushed:

I never answered this but let’s go

  • never being able to communicate with anyone else no matter how hard i tried
  • trapped in a small space
  • nothing to do
  • hearing people tell me im a failure/worthless/etc.